Hyundai Ioniq 5 goes sideways with e-Nook tech, in-wheel motors

Hyundai’s affiliate expertise provider, Hyundai Mobis, has proven its e-Nook modular steering and propulsion system for EVs in real-world testing, and it’s simply launched a bit extra about what the system will enable dynamically. 

Put merely, it might dramatically change the maneuverability of electrified city automobiles, pushed or not. 

The corporate already gained consideration earlier this 12 months with the system showcased on an Ioniq 5. With steering, braking, and propulsion consolidated into modular models that may be put in in any respect 4 corners of a automobile, it doubtlessly permits a brand new sort of skateboard platform with much more packaging freedom, because the system will rotate all 4 wheels as much as 90 levels individually or individually.

Now the corporate is testing the tech on public roads adjoining to its South Korean proving floor, on the best way to mass manufacturing of the system as quickly as 2025. And a sequence of instance eventualities underscore that that is far past the relative gimmickry of CrabWalk within the GMC Hummer EV.

Following on earlier demonstrations from the corporate, it now reveals the e-Nook system transferring laterally. This can be a true side-to-side motion of the automobile, with all 4 wheels turned 90 levels. Additionally proven was what the corporate referred to as a “zero flip,” pivoting the entrance and rear wheels in reverse instructions to rotate the automobile in a really small area. 

In one thing referred to as “diagonal driving,” it pivots all 4 wheels in the identical course at 45 levels. There’s additionally a “pivot flip,” permitting the driving force to decide on any level as the middle whereas positioning the wheels to information the automobile in a circle round that time. 

With this launch of larger element, Hyundai Mobis lays out the function of an in-wheel motor with the system. That’s one thing the corporate hadn’t talked about or clarified beforehand. And in one other view, the corporate reveals the combination of brake-by-wire and steer-by-wire programs, with an angled damper strut serving as some or the entire automobile suspension.

Hyundai Mobis e-Corner

Hyundai Mobis e-Nook

Hyundai Mobis e-Corner

Hyundai Mobis e-Nook

Hyundai Mobis first revealed e-Nook in 2021, then it translated the concept to an Ioniq 5 in a closed circuit this January. It says it is a key mobility expertise for electrification and autonomous driving, and means that such tech has by no means been mass-produced wherever on this planet. 

It’s an idea that’s related to what’s being employed by Israel’s REE, which has proven a number of variations of a skateboard platform with modular models in any respect 4 wheels. To date it’s pitching that system to be used in business automobiles. 

Hyundai Mobis e-Corner

Hyundai Mobis e-Nook

Mobis says that the convergence of steering and braking elements with connectivity and electrification, in-house, will give it a bonus. And from the appears of it, this technique does nicely in showcasing that. Now which upcoming Hyundai, Kia, or Genesis EV may get it first?


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