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Is it unlawful to swear at a police officer?

Is it unlawful to swear at a police officer?


It’s simple to get annoyed should you’re pulled over, particularly if you recognize you’ve achieved one thing incorrect.

  • Would you swear on the checkout operator? Lodge receptionist? No? Then don’t swear at a cop!
  • You can be fined in case your conduct is taken into account offensive
  • Keep in mind – police are simply doing their job

However if you wish to curse at anybody, swear at your self – not the police officer who pulled you over – until you wish to get in much more bother with the regulation.

What you contemplate to be swearing and what others is likely to be offended by might be two various things altogether, however LY Legal professionals states {that a} court docket case in 1951 set the trail for swearing legal guidelines in Australia, and it isn’t simply naughty four-letter phrases which will get you in strife.

Something that could be thought-about “violent, threatening, disorderly or insulting language” that’s used to trigger “anger, outrage, disgust or resentment in an unusual and affordable particular person from amongst the members of our group” might be thought-about offensive behaviour. Additional, “conduct which offends towards the requirements of fine style or good manners” has additionally been thought-about a part of the rule guide in Australian courts.

So telling the officer who simply booked you that they’re an effing c-bomb would possibly properly see you get in a bit extra bother than the effective and demerit factors you have been initially in line for. 

CarExpert spoke with a NSW Police officer who stated that by swearing at an officer you’re “not doing your self any favours”, and that, on a technicality, you could possibly be charged with an offence, particularly in case your foul language might be heard in a public place and/or by members of the general public. 

If you happen to swear at a cop, then, you could possibly obtain an on-the-spot effective, and even be arrested and brought to a police station. If that occurs, it’s possible you’ll find yourself in court docket, and – worst case state of affairs – find yourself imprisoned for so long as six months.

That may clearly be a state of affairs that you simply’d must work arduous to seek out your self in, however simply notice that per the Abstract Offences Act, a public place may embrace places like streets, recreation areas, and publicly funded buildings. And actually, actually ensure you don’t lose your cool in entrance of a college, as they’re thought-about ‘no tolerance’ zones. 

Fines vary as much as $1250, relying on the state (South Australia is the harshest!), whereas in Victoria or Queensland there are penalties as much as six months jail time. 

In brief, then – do your self a f##king favour – don’t curse at a cop.



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