Secret Service Member’s Automotive Hit by Stolen Pizza Dough Truck

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Picture: DC Fireplace and EMS

Usually, when you concentrate on the hazards that Secret Service members must face, it’s stuff like getting shot by somebody attempting to assassinate the president. Or getting hit by a automobile pushed by somebody attempting to assassinate the president. You understand, principally trying-to-assassinate-the-president issues. Everyone knows the key service does different issues, however films and TV reveals actually solely present them doing that one factor. However we’d like to see a film or TV present depict the latest hazard to the key service: stolen pizza dough vans.

In case you missed it:

Fox 5 experiences that somebody in Washington, D.C. stole a truck stuffed with pizza dough on Wednesday. However as an alternative of merely driving away and baking their ill-gotten features into scrumptious do-it-yourself pizzas (which might have one hundred pc been a meal), they crashed it right into a Secret Service member’s private automobile that was sitting parked on the road. The Secret Service member was unhurt, however the pizza dough truck thief was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening accidents.

The thief didn’t simply crash a pizza dough truck, although. Additionally they managed to flip it on its facet, spilling the pizza dough in every single place. Pictures posted by DC Fireplace and EMS present the contents of the truck strewn alongside the sidewalk, by no means to develop into the scrumptious pizzas they have been initially meant to be. And the cleanup ended up being harder than you’d assume — not due to all of the sticky dough, however as a result of that they had to herald a hazmat group to dump the truck’s diesel gasoline.

Why the thief stole the pizza dough truck, who they’re, and what they deliberate to do with it earlier than they crashed, we nonetheless don’t know. However hopefully, they get well rapidly so we don’t have to attend round for solutions.


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