Home Electric Vehicle Simply How A lot Cash Can You Save Using An E-Bike Versus Driving A Automotive?

Simply How A lot Cash Can You Save Using An E-Bike Versus Driving A Automotive?

Simply How A lot Cash Can You Save Using An E-Bike Versus Driving A Automotive?


Electrical bikes have confirmed to be a enjoyable and environment friendly means of getting round city. Numerous e-bike manufacturers will tout all types of advantages, however a variety of them declare that you may hit a number of birds with one e-bike driving stone, resembling improved well being, lowered emissions, and important value financial savings. All these will inevitably differ relying on the precise life-style you lead, so it goes with out saying that concrete advantages to e-bike driving are a case-to-case-basis.

Nonetheless, it’s fascinating to see simply how a lot cash one can save by merely switching over to an electrical bicycle. An excellent instance of this was highlighted by a really fascinating story over at Cleantechnica about an individual who clocked in near 12,000 miles on an e-bike, and documented quite a bit in regards to the expertise. In Cleantechnica’s story, Bryn Grunwald, an affiliate at Rocky Mountain Institute in Colorado, has been driving her Juiced CrossCurrent electrical bike since 2018. Since then, she and her companion have clocked in mileage in extra of 11,500 miles.

Just How Much Money Can You Save Riding An E-Bike Versus Driving A Car?

Bryn talks in regards to the cash she spent on the maintenance, restore, and upkeep of her electrical bicycle, and shared to Cleantechnica simply how a lot cash she was in a position to save from driving her bike as a substitute of driving her automotive. Within the article, she acknowledged, “My bike has a battery capability of 624 Watt-hours and I assumed a median vary of 35 miles, giving me roughly 0.0178 kilowatt-hours per mile.” Assuming a median electrical energy value of 15 cents per kilowatt-hour, Bryn calculated that she’d have spent about $30.71 USD charging her bike for the previous 11,500 miles (fast math – 11,500 miles multiplied by 0.0178 kilowatt-hours multiplied by 15 cents).

Bryn additionally highlights a couple of upkeep objects she spent over the course of her five-year possession of the bike. These embrace a brand new battery for $600 USD, in addition to a myriad of typical upkeep objects resembling tires, a brand new mirror, a brand new rack, lock, and brake pads amounting to a complete of $500 USD. This brings the grand whole on upkeep, restore, and charging of the e-bike to $1,130 over the course of 5 years, or a meager $226 USD per 12 months. It’s vital to notice that the value of the e-bike wasn’t factored into the calculations.

Compared to a automotive, nicely, as it might end up, Bryn can also be a automotive proprietor, and drives a 2010 Toyota Camry. Assuming a median mileage of 26 miles per gallon, Bryn estimates that she would have wanted to spend a whopping $1,751 USD (assuming a median worth of $3.96 per gallon) on gasoline alone to cowl the identical 11,500-mile distance she coated on her bike. On prime of that, she estimates $1,161.50 for the automotive’s whole upkeep prices over the 5 12 months interval. This isn’t even contemplating the registration, insurance coverage, and different prices regarding the Camry.

Just How Much Money Can You Save Riding An E-Bike Versus Driving A Car?

In whole, Bryn tells Cleantechnica that she theoretically saved $1,782 USD from driving her e-bike moderately than driving her automotive over the course of 11,500 miles. The distinction is made even greater while you issue within the insurance coverage, registration, and precise value of the automotive. For reference, the most affordable model new automotive you should buy within the US is the Nissan Versa, priced at $16,755 USD, based on a January 2023 report by Motor1. In the meantime, the most affordable decent-looking Toyota Camry I might discover much like that of Bryn’s is listed at $7,488 USD, and relies in Texas.

Just How Much Money Can You Save Riding An E-Bike Versus Driving A Car?

In the meantime, a model new Juiced Bikes CrossCurrent S2 retails for simply $1,599 USD, with no registration wanted. For these on even tighter budgets, we’ve talked about electrical bicycles that retail for lower than $1,000 USD – plus, there’s at all times the used marketplace for these trying to get one of the best offers. With all that on the desk, it’s at all times been a no brainer that driving a motorbike – be it electrical or in any other case – will return huge financial savings when in comparison with driving a automotive. The advantages are made a lot extra obvious when detailed accounting of bills is finished, similar to what Bryn did together with her 11,500-mile e-bike journey.



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